Fair Pay: Also Your Challenge?

How are companies reacting to Equal, Fair and Gender Based Pay Issues ?

The issue of “fair pay” has become a key focus for many companies and also a frequent topic of public discussion. Two basic questions always arise in this regard: firstly, what must companies do ? This is will be influenced by updated legal frameworks, such as the Equal Treatment Act (Gleichstellungsgesetz) or by factors such as pressure from investors. Secondly, how should companies react as part of their broader approaches to managing the expectations of their staff and their company’s public image ?

Many companies have already recognised that “fair pay” goes a lot further than the same pay for the same work, as it encompasses equal opportunities from the time of recruitment all the way through career development.

Having recently run a pulse survey in Switzerland on these topics, we would now like to invite you to attend one of our upcoming sessions where we will share our results that aim to examine three key topics in greater detail:

  • What experiences have you had in this area since the Equal Treatment Act was put into effect?
  • What internal fair pay analyses are conducted by companies?
  • In which areas are measures being taken?

Our events take place in Zurich and Geneva on 26 and 27 March 2019 respectively and we would welcome your participation. We will provide a summary of our results and initiate an open discussion between our attendees and WTW consultants on these topics.