Thinking Ahead Breakfast Seminar (TABS)

Not what is, what can be

Is the investment industry appropriately configured to deliver? We believe our industry needs a stronger understanding of issues ranging from culture to compensation, to climate to complexity and many more besides. In a series of short presentations on these contemporary topics we will cover the 'best of' the Thinking Ahead Institute's research including:

  • Stronger investment theory and practice

Markets aren’t machines. They’re messy and complex and fickle. We’ll set the stage for this event by briefly exploring what this world view means for investors.

– Bob Collie, head of research at the Thinking Ahead Group

  • The Renaissance investment professional

The evolving range of skills, experience, attitudes and values that mark out the successful investment professional of the future. How technology is a big factor in making us all adapt and step up. How T-shaped professionals come to the fore – those with wider perspectives, better connections and are smarter on their delegations. How investment firms should be selecting, attracting and developing their talent.

Roger Urwin, global head of investment content, Willis Towers Watson

  • Culture

Culture is a key element of success for asset management organisations but measuring it can be complex, subjective and open to interpretation… What makes a culture good and what are red flags?  Where does culture fit and what is the best way to measure it?

– Luba Nikulina, global head of manager research, Willis Towers Watson

  • Cognitive diversity

Institutional investment is a team game. Through teams strategic investment decisions are made, value is added (or destroyed) to portfolios and a progressive (or regressive) culture is built. So we need better designed teams to gain competitive advantage. A deeper understanding of cognitive diversity can change the way we build our teams and provide the key to unlocking superior decision making
– Marisa Hall, senior investment consultant, Thinking Ahead Group

  • Compensation

People respond to incentives. Ad valorem fees provide certain incentives, but are they the best ones? Does the new GPIF fee model offer better incentives? How should incentives be structured to benefit the end saver, and the industry?

– Tim Hodgson, head of the Thinking Ahead Group

  • Sustainability

Sustainability issues are present everywhere, are growing in importance, and are particularly big in the world of investing. As the pace of change and disruption in the world accelerates, we look at how smart beliefs, sophisticated measurement, and thoughtful implementation is driving better sustainable investment practices amongst leading investors.

– Adam Gillett, head of sustainable investment, Willis Towers Watson 

Join us at 8.00am for breakfast and a seminar that will touch on some of the biggest questions facing the investment world today. We will be finished by 10.30am, although we will serve coffee afterwards if you would like to stay and chat.

We hope you can make it to what promises to be a highly thought-provoking event, involving participants from both the pension funds and asset manager organisations, and we look forward to seeing you.